"I wrote the novel On the Arm of a Player. This is my first foray into writing books. I've always enjoyed writing, yet this was different. I felt driven to write this novel. The characters began talking to me one day. I must say they were an utterly strong and persistent group of individuals. At first, I admit, I thought I had lost my mind at this point of my life, and I'm sure close family and friends would be swift to agree. I began sketching out the story and before I knew it, I was writing a full-length novel. The characters spoke to me quite clearly with an urgency I could not ignore. I found I had little input as to which direction the story would go, because when I changed the direction to my liking, they stopped speaking to me. I'm happy and excited to share their story with you. Now, I do miss their conversation, but have moved on to new characters.

After spending fifteen years in the advertising industry, I now do consulting and free-lance work, mostly in the information research area.

I reside in New York, but love to see the country. I enjoy geocaching and have tried letterboxing. I want to do more of both because it enables me to see places I normally wouldn't go. 

I'm currently working on two more novels and a short story and am anxious to get them out to you. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to write and constantly look forward to doing it, although my life recently has held me up a bit.


And my mind remains lost to this day."


Reese Ring