She knocked on the door of room #23, as she had done hundreds of times before.  She wasn’t nervous tonight like she had been the first twenty or thirty times she had done this.  Now it was becoming old hat.  She’d dealt with her share of weirdos and she had moved up.  She could be more particular about whom she would accompany these nights.  Mostly Friday and Saturday nights.  Business types up from New York City for the weekend.  They wanted to gamble but not be alone.  They wanted an escort.  Not sex.  Just a woman to accompany them to the casinos.  Maybe have a quiet dinner or a nightcap at a casino bar.  Someone they could share conversation with or the excitement of gambling.  Perhaps wanting the escort as eye candy or distractions from other gamblers. Occasionally the escorts were used to impress current and future clients of the businessmen. Very few people knew that the casinos in this area were two of the largest in the entire world.  Most assumed Vegas or international casinos were much larger.  She didn’t know what tonight would bring, as this was a new client, a first-timer.

The door opened, and as she had expected, there stood a young thirty-something, polished, suit.  Perfectly coiffed hair, buffed nails, tie straight as a pin.  She thought this one was a bit more handsome than most, but wore the exact same uniform.  Looked like a Brooks Bros suit.  Must be a Wall Streeter.  He seemed pleasantly surprised when he saw her.  Without hesitation she introduced herself, “My name is Montana, and I’ll be your escort for the evening.  If there is something you are unhappy with, please let me know immediately and I can either change what I’m wearing or you may call the agency to request a different escort.” 

He replied, “You will be fine, although we may need to address the attire issue.  By the way, my name is Ty.” 

He thought she was a bit older than he expected, but clearly the most stunningly beautiful woman he’d encountered in quite sometime.  He’d had many encounters.  He liked how she exuded self-confidence.  Her face was full of make-up and he saw no visible signs of her age.  Her body was trim and fit.  Her eyes were a calming blue.  She had sort of long, wavy, hair, the color of rich chocolate that shined and moved as gracefully as she moved.  Her legs were also long and well-toned, nicely emphasized by the five inch strappy heels she wore.  The shoes were black and complemented her red, wraparound dress which complemented her thin waist where it was tied closed.  Her ample breasts did not go unnoticed.  She knew how to wear clothes well.  She walked and looked comfortable in the heels and just enough leg and chest was showing through the dress, red certainly being her color. Not at all trampy, very appealing, making her extremely desirable.  She had sensed it right away and usually got this reaction the first time with many of her clients.  Therefore, in her mind, she questioned his remark regarding her attire, knowing he certainly was appreciating what he was seeing and would not be embarrassed to be accompanied by her this evening to any restaurant, club or casino.

Ty ushered Montana into his room, which was the largest suite in the hotel.  A two-room suite, bedroom, living room with business desk area and an unbelievably large-sized bathroom that contained a two-person hot tub, separate shower, separate toilet stall and two sinks on an endless vanity.  The living area contained an apartment-style refrigerator, counter with sink, microwave, toaster and coffee maker, even though the hotel did provide free full breakfast to all their guests.  

Montana knew this suite like the back of her hand, mostly the living area.  Ninety percent of her clients booked this particular suite.  Numerous clients would book her and the suite simultaneously for every second or third weekend for months at a time, until they were bored.  They would then stop coming altogether.  Coming here seemed always a temporary fix to some need.  Companionship, uninhibited fun, business-building relationships, or just a break from the everyday humdrum.  

Montana said “So what about my attire is it that needs changing?”  

Ty answered “Montana, you know you are a strikingly gorgeous woman.  And you look great tonight.  I don’t know what most of your clients are looking for when they request you, but I think for our first night, I was hoping for something a bit more polished, yet daring.  I don’t know if that is even the correct thing to say.  I was maybe hoping for a short business skirt with a ruffled, button-down blouse, unbuttoned down to there—(pointing to his waist).  I have a thing for ruffles.  Looking at you, I know you could pull that look off very well without looking trampy.  Would you have anything in your bag of tricks to accommodate that look?” 

“I’m sorry Ty, I do not.  If you come back and request me again, I certainly can have it together then, I do it for most of my clients.  Half my budget is spent on clothing.  I can model two other outfits that I have with me that perhaps you would be happier with.”

He said “I’m not in a rush, why don’t you give it a whirl.”  

Montana picked up her bag of “tricks” as he called them and went in to the bathroom.  She pinned up her hair, changed the lip color, put on a black skirt and red shirt that had five buttons on it.  She left all of them open and walked out to the living room.  

He put down the newspaper, looked her over and thought ‘Wow! This woman can really pull off any look’, but instead said “Nice.  Can I see the other one though?”  She sauntered  back into the bathroom, pulled out a red leather skirt, just above the knee length, a tight, low-cut white, see-through t-shirt that clearly showed off the red bra which was struggling to hold her breasts in.  She threw on a matching red leather short jacket and walked out once again into the living room, forgetting to readjust the hair and lip color.  This was not like her.  She never forgot anything when it came to wardrobe, makeup and hair.  Montana was clearly flustered.  No client had ever made her change twice.  No client was ever that specific about the dress code. Ty again put down his newspaper when he heard her coming.  He looked at this outfit.  He was stunned how this woman could transform herself into different personalities.  She assumed not only the dress, but the walk, the talk, the whole way she carried herself.  She could completely transform who she was each and every time.  He said “You look a little trampy, but I like it.  It says, highbrow but trying to let it all hang out for a wild weekend away with her secret lover.  I like it! Let’s stick to this one.” 

Montana told him she needed to get her other things together in the bathroom and while she was in there adjusted her lip color as not to clash with the red leather ensemble.  When she came back out, he noticed something was different, better, but he couldn’t place it.  That upset him because he was a stickler for details as Montana was coming to learn very quickly. 

Ty escorted Montana down to the lobby where the evening shift was attending their duties.  One young guy, twenty-something, named Zach said his good evenings to Ty and Montana.  The other guy, in his mid-twenties, named Jorge, and proudly gay, said “Good evening Mr. Hammond.  Good evening Montana, you look ravishing this evening.”  Ty returned the good evenings to both men.

Montana smirked at Jorge and said, “Hello guys”. 

Montana, Jorge and Zach had known each other for quite some time now.  The hotel shifters knew all the Fiske “girls” and had to make sure no prostitution was being engaged in at the hotel.  Of course, Montana was their favorite “girl” and they knew she did well without having to prostitute herself in sexual acts.  

Ty and Montana stepped outside and the limo was waiting for them already.  Sam, the driver, opened the door of the limo and they all exchanged pleasantries.  Sam knew Montana well too.  She was a regular in his ride every weekend.  The top money-makers rented the the top escorts and a limo.  In Sam’s mind, Montana was the tops.  Not just because she was the most gorgeous, but because she was the most beautiful on the inside too.  He felt bad that most people she spent time with would never even notice her inner beauty.  She looked a bit trampier than usual this evening, but the client looked to be more of a ball-buster himself.  He hoped Montana was with a safe one tonight.  Some clients were really scary and powerful.  When Montana will not give in to their sexual desires, they get angry and can be quite a force to be reckoned with, but to her credit, she has never given in to them.  That, he believes, is why she is the top in her agency.  

They climbed into the limo and as the usual drill goes, Montana uses the 15-minute ride to the casino to establish expected behaviors and personality traits from the client.  Ty, being his stickler self, wanted a quiet dinner at Calino’s, a small Italian restaurant in the casino.  Afterwards, he wanted to gamble at the tables and he wanted her standing next to him on his left side.  She would be expected to continue the wealthy, cheating-on-her-husband-with-him attitude.  He wanted her attentions but in a nervous up-tight way.  Possibly, depending on other players at the table, she would flirt a little with them, distract them, be a little tipsy.  It was at this point she informed Ty that she occasionally indulged in a glass of wine or a cocktail, but out of self preservation in her line of work, does not drink.  She then gave him a taste of her tipsy impression, with which he was impressed.  She also did a quick version of wealthy-sneaking-around-giddy woman.  He really liked that and couldn’t wait to get things rolling at dinner and the casino.  To his relief, only a minute later, Sam was pulling the limo into the drop-off area of the casino.  

Sam was told he would be radioed when to come back for them, most likely around eleven.  It was eight-fifteen.  Montana thought ‘right on schedule’.  Her for hire time was eight to midnight.  She always showed up at seven-thirty for first time clients and seven forty-five with regulars.  This gave them time to set things in motion, clear any issues, get to the casino and have the full four hours.  Most clients had the return limo for midnight, Montana would arrive back to her car fifteen minutes past midnight to be on her way home.  She now was a bit nervous as to why Ty wanted the limo back an hour before her shift-end.  Was he expecting sex?  Did he think things were not going well already?  

They walked into the casino arm in arm and headed straight for Calino’s.  There was a long line, but “stickler”, as she had decided to call him, had made reservations for eight twenty.  Was this guy on his game or what?  They were immediately seated by a good-looking, young woman, who smiled a bit too much at Ty considering he was in the company of another woman.  She figured the young woman thought Ty could do better with someone fifteen years her junior.  Ty gave the hostess a quick once-over and left it at that.  Clearly not his type, although she couldn’t figure out why.  

Montana being a bit more edgy than usual, probably worrying about the eleven o’clock limo return, decided to have one glass of wine this evening.  Ty ordered a bottle for the two of them, but she reiterated her standing on only one glass.  He seemed really OK with her decision.  They had a fine dinner, in which he finished the bottle of wine and was feeling quite good.  She was more relaxed now also and they were making pleasant conversation about their careers.  Being a corporate attorney on Wall Street he appeared to be more exciting than his job.  Montana didn’t particularly care for the stock market and someone defending it seemed drier than two-day old toast.  Yet she knew it was her bread and butter, therefore she would never be openly negative about the market.  

When dinner was over and Ty had paid the check, they moved on to the casino floor.  He began at a couple of different black jack tables where his luck was running not too bad.  Ty kept switching up tables until he was at a craps table with a very high minimum.  Montana thought either this guy is completely wealthy or his ass is in some serious debt to throw money around the way he was.  To his credit, he was up on his wagering so far.  So he kept going, of course attracting huge amounts of attention from other casino-goers.  Some wanting to get in on the wagering action, some just curious of his rash handling of large money bets, and of course the women.  Between his good looks and obvious wealth, he certainly would be able to pick any woman out of that crowd.  She became increasingly more suspect of his need to hire an escort to such a place.  

Some men felt having a good-looking woman on their arm attracted other good-looking women.  She had to admit that that was true.  Women can be extremely shallow, even more than men at times.  That couldn’t be the case with Ty.  It just didn’t feel right with him.  He broke her out of her train of thought by bumping her arm and giving an eye to a gentleman down the side of the table.  She knew this was her cue to begin the dance of flirtation, hence distraction.  She immediately launched into it, but in a shy, come-hither way.  Well, before she knew it, once she had opened the door, about six other men at the table were joining in that dance with her.  Within just a few minutes, she was working the flirt dance with eight different men at this particular table.  She enjoyed this because she was good at it.  In the midst of her having fun, Ty suddenly realized how many men she had in her palms.  He was amazed.  Not only that it took her mere minutes to accomplish this, but he was also amazed he felt a surge of jealousy.  Something he doesn’t feel in his usual female relationships.  Feeling the surge of jealousy scared him.  A lot. He didn’t know how to react.  He was the type to always be in control of himself and his situations, resulting in his proficient career.  So, he grabbed her arm and pulled her over.  He put his mouth to her ear and whispered, “I’m paying for you tonight honey, so take it down a couple of notches”.  

She was shocked.  She thought she was doing what he’d asked.  She expected him to be thrilled with the way things were progressing around the table.  The truth was, he was so distracted by the attention she was garnering that it was throwing off his game and he had lost some big wages.  She backed off and the men around the table knew immediately Ty expressed his displeasure of the flirtation.  Actually, they all felt sorry for her in this situation, of course not knowing what her true situation is, because she is so exceptional at what she does, mainly the acting.  Montana stood there, pretending to play the scolded child act, and actually feeling a bit of it to be true.  She never had let down a client by misinterpreting their wants and needs.  

In the eight years she was at this job, she couldn’t remember an evening going more wrong for her and her client.  It was about to get worse.  Ty refocused on his gambling and began picking up winnings again.  He had settled back in to the rhythm when two young beautiful women approached the table of frenzied action.  They took one look at Ty and saw nothing but money and good looks.  The two were out for him and no one would get in their way.  They looked to be early 20’s, flowing blonde tresses, bodies that wouldn’t quit and the list goes on.  Much to Montana’s chagrin, one of them happened to be wearing a short skirt with a ruffled, button-down blouse.  The buttons were open almost down to “there” and within a few minutes they were.  She did not go unnoticed.  Especially by Ty.  Instead of her distracting him from the game, apparently she was bringing him even more good fortune.  

Montana sarcastically imagined herself pulling Ty’s ear to her mouth and whispering “You’re paying for ME tonight.”  She chuckled to herself over that one.  Montana didn’t get jealous over clients and their behaviors.  If she did, she couldn’t do the job.  She had to remove herself from the whole situation.  Not get caught up in it.  Stay disconnected.  

The two blondes made their way through the growing crowd towards Ty.  They both eyed Montana and knew she was no match for them.  This was going to be easy.  Ruffle-blouse moved in on his right side.  Gave him that big smile that says “I’m what you want.  I’m want you need.  And I’m here to give it to you.”  The other one was trying very hard to muscle Montana out and make her place on his left side.  The entire table of game players was now focused on what was going to happen next. Montana knew she was no match for them.  She had no stake in this and could easily call it a night.  So she moved aside and let them take over Mr. Hammond. 

He kept right on gambling and he was on a streak.  The smile on his face showed he was having the night of his life.  Up forty grand and two young beauties that would do anything for him.  It couldn’t get any better.  He forgot about Montana.  She receded into the crowd, but hung around just in case he remembered she was on his dime still.  She watched him pack up his winnings, over seventy-two grand now as he made his way with the twins to the cashier to collect the winnings properly.  The casino “comped” him a room right away and hoped he enjoyed his stay.  He escorted the two women to the elevators, heading to his free room.  Montana who?  

When she was sure they were tucked away for the night, she called Sam directly to come and drive her back to her car.  Sam said he’d be there in fifteen minutes.  About ten floors up, Ty was having a lot of fun with ruffle-blouse and friend.  Within thirty minutes, they consumed the complimentary champagne, a few bottles and snacks from the mini-bar (which were not complimentary) and all three were half undressed by eleven thirty.  Montana was already unlocking her car door, climbing in and heading home for the night.  Ty was very turned on.  Two beautiful women interested in him at the same time for the same thing.  He never had had the pleasure before.